"A program like this takes kids off the streets, gives them something to do, instills a bit of hard work and really gives them something to strive for."

Jess Wagstaff, Perth Wildcats

"For me basketball was really good growing up. It gave me something to do, kept me busy and I went to training three or four times a week. If you've got games on the weekend you've always got something to look forward to and you never really get bored. You've always got something you can work on at home so for me, sport was something that kept me out of trouble. Initiatives like Ignite Basketball are really good for kids. Especially in areas where youth crime is quite heavy at this time on a Saturday night, they can hang out together and do something constructive."

Cameron Tovey, Perth Wildcats

"Where we come from there is nothing for the young ones so its this is really good to see my son so happy here and keen to play"


"It's fun, we can hang out with friends and I don't have to be at home dealing with family stuff"


"(From the educational inputs) I've learned that it's really scary and easy to get addicted to things and like, there's much more things to get addicted to than I thought"


"The educational part of Ignite taught us that doing drugs and that kills brain cells."


"I like it, it's something fun to do on a saturday night. The best part is the basketball and getting to meet friends."