Leeuwin Scholarships

Thanks to our generous sponsors at the Department of Sport and Recreation, Drug Aware Ignite is able to offer scholarships to cover part or all of the voyage fare on a Leeuwin Ocean Adventure.  Scholarship applications are taken throughout the year and participants are chosen through the program, based on their commitment, passion, effort, sportsmanship and peer role modelling.

The  Youth Explorer Voyages allow young people aged 14+ to experience a unique, challenging and inspirational ocean adventure. These voyages run for 7 days/6 nights and are designed to increase self-awareness, develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills, and create a strong sense of community.

The Leeuwin operates under the principle of “challenge by choice.” Leeuwin II is a working ship and all participants are expected to be involved in most aspects of ship operations, from sailing, steering, navigating and cleaning the ship to climbing the masts. The level of challenge is up to each participant. Our many years of operation clearly demonstrate that the more each participant is willing to challenge themselves, the more they take away from the experience.

Each trainee will also leave the voyage with life skills learned from living in a micro community. This includes learning to live in a confined shared space with different personalities and cultures. It is also a time when trainees make new friends and achieve goals by working through personal challenges.

The benefits of the program directly impacts the individual’s peers, their school, family and community. These benefits are transferable as young people phase into adulthood as future employees and as responsible citizens in our communities.

For students in years 10, 11, or 12, sailing on any of these voyages can count as one unit towards their studies. The voyages are endorsed by the Curriculum Council as a Personal Development Program. Completion of a voyage and portfolio of work, once achieved, earns a student 5 points towards their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). A student must enrol in the endorsed program through their school. You will find more information on how you can earn WACE Points here.