The most important element in cultivating positive change in young people is the relationship

Ignite Basketball is an intervention for young people engaged or at risk of engaging in anti social and criminal behaviour.

Latest News

29 Oct 2012

Ignite Basketball is very excited to announce a partnership with Lifeworx starting in January 2012.

29 Oct 2012

The 20th of October saw the first of our Ignite Fitness sessions commence.

29 Oct 2012

Eight brand new Ignite Basketball participants have now been offically qualified as Junior Basketball coaches.

21 Aug 2012

15 young people from our session will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and start basketball coaching careers on the 22nd September at Armadale Arena.

31 Jul 2012

Following the successful launch of Ignite Basketball in Armadale Arena marked with a round robin tournament; the next week saw the participants start the Ignite Regular session format.