The most important element in cultivating positive change in young people is the relationship

Ignite Basketball is an intervention for young people engaged or at risk of engaging in anti social and criminal behaviour.

Latest News

1 Mar 2013

From the beginning of January, Lifeworx have come aboard the program to deliver a host of different workshops, ranging from Backwards Career Planning and Conflict resolution to Leadership skills.

1 Mar 2013

Marmun Mia-Mia and Ignite Baskeball are organising an over-night camp on the Bibbulmun Track.

1 Mar 2013

In partnership with Basketball WA, Ignite Basketball will be running its first refereeing course in March 2013.

1 Mar 2013

The 2nd of March saw our biggest night yet with 54 young people in a hotly contested battle on the leaderboard.

1 Jan 2013

After 24 straight weeks of Ignite Basketball and tournament finals to end 2012, doors were temporarily closed to participants. In order to gain entry to the program in 2013, they are required to complete three hours of community work each.